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A brief look at the buzz slots

Buzz slots is a sick slots game from Games Warehouse. Even though the name may not be very imaginative, the appearance and game play certainly are. Users get a chance to go on a journey through all of the classic genres of music. You don’t even need to be a music lover in order to appreciate just how good this game is. But, it will certainly help make the experience more fun.

This contemporary game doesn’t just look good, it has a RTP of 95.49%, which means the chances of you winning big are quite high.

There’s no denying the fact that art and music go hand in hand. That being said, you’ll certainly agree that the theme of Buzz Slots is a perfect mixture of art and music. While it does tick all the boxes in terms of the theme, as for the music, you will need to be a music lover or you aren’t going to enjoy it too much.

Warehouse have given it their all to try and create a rock n roll atmosphere, but the thing is that the tune gets boring pretty soon. You may just end up hitting the mute button sooner than you could imagine. The sound of you getting a win is not irritating one bit though! It’s the kind of sound we all want to hear every single time we spin the reels.

There are many wild symbols and free spins for you to claim here as long as you keep at it. You will eventually win. That’s for sure. If you can collect more than 3 of these symbols, you will get a reward. Now isn’t that great? The one thing you are going to remember about this slot above everything else, is how appealing it is. There is nothing else like it out there. That’s for sure.


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