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A brief look at the House of Fun slot

If you like to experience visually stunning slots, then House of Fun is the slots game for you. Here, you will get to experience some visually stunning slots action from Betsoft. This game has a horror theme. But, what sets it apart from the rest, is the unique music. You are going to have loads of fun here, even when you’re not spinning the reels. That is how catchy the music is. Music themed slots are very popular today.

The game ditches the traditional 3 column slot for 5-reels which means there are more chances for you to win. There are a number of different gaming modes for you to enjoy too, and placing bets on different lines has never been as rewarding as it is here. You aren’t going to feel like this game is too random. In fact, the unique theme and music makes the game feel a little less random.

The animation effects go over and beyond anything that you would find in regular online slots games. They alone may be enough to convince you to keep playing at this casino. The game even has an opening animation that is nothing short of a movie in itself. You will get so engrossed in it that you might just forget this is a game and not a movie. It’s clear that Betsoft have put a lot of effort into the opening trailer.

House of Fun is one of the best animated slot machines on the Internet today, and offers great music and animations. The 5-reel slot uses creepy faces instead of icons, which only helps add to the whole spooky appearance. That being said, these faces also come to life whenever you land a winning combination which is a great touch to an already great game. It’s unexpected and helps breathe life into this slot game.


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