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A brief look at the Motorhead online slot

If you’ve never gambled online before, and love heavy metal bands like Motorhead of MegaDeth, then this is the perfect slot for you. It certainly is among the most exciting music themed slots out there.

This slot game is operated by NetEnt, which is among the best online game developers out there today. This is perhaps the reason you will not find much wrong with the slot.

Just as the band was able to captivate audiences every single time they performed, this slot will captivate players every single time they play it.

The first thing you’re going to notice about this slot, is the unique reel arrangement. It is nothing like most of the other slots.

The slot has 5 reels and 76 pay lines to keep players busy, and is a great tribute to a great band. You can play it on your desktop, on your mobile phone, and even on your tablet. The level of personalisation on this slot is second to none and there are no Motorhead fans who could complain about it not being a fitting memory of the legendary band.

There’s even a warning in the beginning of the slot to prepare users for the things that are about to come. The warning adds to the unconventional aura that is associated with this slot, and is something which increases the excitement right from the get-go.

Even the in-game features look like they are straight out of a Motorhead concert. There are various modes for you to enjoy like the rock mode, mystery reel, free spins and bomber. You will never get sick of playing this game. That’s for sure!

The game creates a terrific experience by building a strong bond between the band and the player. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you played Motorhead slots.

NetEnt’s Jimi Hendrix slot – Great music and great fun

NetEnt seems to produce slots at about the same rate as ice cream melts a sunny summer day! In other words: at a furious pace! Next out of luck is Jimi Hendrix online Slot-a video slot where we get thrown back into a lovely flower power atmosphere and to the time when Jimi Hendrix played the most on his guitar! In this slot is resurrected legend from the dead, and in a lovely slot filled with notes, instruments, re-spins and free spins, we may take the part of peace-and-love-culture at its very best. In this game, NetEnt has pushed in a lot of fun features that we’ll tell you more about further down in this review. Jimi Hendrix Online Slot was launched on 21 april 2016.

It is not uncommon for online casinos to celebrate New launches quite often with free spins! Read reviews like this betsson casino review uk to find if there is a launch coming soon. These may include promotions and competitions where you can win a certain number of free spins or other winnings if you play on the slots for example. But it may also be that the casinos are eager for players to test on the new game and then they might attract with a couple of extra free spins for people at all to get their eyes on the slots. When Jimi Hendrix was launched it was possible to see lots of offers and promotions around the web.

Speaking of free spins. There is, of course, a free spin mode in the very game Jimi Hendrix online Slot that we would love to tell you about! In this slot machine there are 3 different free spins symbols to keep track of. These are also linked to the wild feature of the game itself. Let’s explain this in more detail:

If you get 3 Crosstown Traffic free Spins symbols (notice that the features are named after Jimi Hendrix songs!) you will immediately win 6 free spins. In addition, you get something called ”Wild obstacle” – something that will appear on different obstacle during each spin. During the first spin, that feature will appear on obstacle 5, during the second spin it is obstacle 4 and 5, on the third spin – obstacle 3 and 4, on the fourth spin it is on obstacle 2 and 3 that wild obstacle appear, on the fifth spin – obstacle 1 and 2 and on the sixth and final spin it is reel 1 that applies.